I try not to read the blogs or what people say about me. Because that’s what brings everybody down - no matter what you do, you’re always going to have haters.
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I get that it’s an unpopular opinion to like Frankie Grande, but I don’t see why you all hate him SO MUCH that you think it’s okay to bash him on the daily. He’s going to get out of the house and see all of the hate and it’s going to crush him. He’s a likable guy and, yes, a little into himself,…

Big Brother 16

Hey everyone, :) I ended up getting involved in BB16 because with me being an avid Idol fan and an Ariana Grande fan, there are two people I tuned in for. Frankie and Donny. One is obviously nicer than the other. I think you all can guess who that is. It’s a no brainer. Anyway, I have been trying to come up with my conclusions on who will win this season. Now, my predictions change all the time, everytime I read a live feed recap. It will most likely change again after this post gets published. Basically, I came up with who I think the next two evictees are:

Zach and Frankie. Basically, I came up with the conclusion by looking back on this past season in whole. More often than not, the people that caused some sort of drama, got evicted out of the house. There are a few that have gotten evicted just because they weren’t the brightest tool in the box and were used as a pawn. Now, Joey, Devin, Amber, and Nicole started up some drama. Whether major or minor drama, it was still drama. Pow-Pow, Brittany, Jocasta, and Hayden (He did say something that would have caused drama later on, had he not been evicted: Spilling the beans about Frankie & Christine during the eviction show).

Now, either Zach or Frankie will be evicted this week. Frankie, for what he said about Nicole and Zach on the live feed. That killed any and all chances he ever had to win that 500k. We all might as well put a fake tombstone over both Zach and Frankie’s heads. They are done for. Zach, he would get evicted for all the lies and rumors he told throughout the competition. Now, he could get brought back because we all are really sympathetic to him due to getting attacked by Frankie. A person he thought he could trust and love and he thought Frankie loved and trusted him in return. Nope. Backstabbing by Frankie. Whoever doesn’t get evicted between those two, will be a major target next week and end up getting evicted then. Unless of course, in Zach’s case, he can come up with something to save his ass. He does seem really smart. Although, if he lies, people do end up figuring it out eventually. I already said that Frankie can not redeem himself at all. To anyone. If he survives this week, he will be 100% toast next week. I’m really hoping for Frankie’s sake, he has his bags packed already. He has a guarenteed pass to the outside world.

After those two leave, it’s anyone’s game. Christine, Derrick, Cody, and Caleb I assume will just cancel each other out. They will most likely leave one right after the other. Donny and Victoria are the true floaters this season. Especially Donny. How many times has Donny been on the block? More times than I can count. He has somehow survived everytime he has been on the block so far. That will continue for at least the next two weeks. 

The only way Donny and Victoria won’t make the final two is if the others figure out they have been floating by all along and end up getting evicted just for that alone. Being weak competitors. They could also end up starting shit as well within the next few weeks. You know what they say. Expect the unexpected. :D 

Overall, this is the first season I’ve tuned in and I am slowly getting a grasp on what everything means from doing some research and reading other people’s blogs, Twitter’s, Live feed recaps, etc. This is a very interesting show and I cannot wait to see what happens. I mean, I admit, I tried to defend Frankie yesterday because I just hate seeing people get hate. I don’t even send hate to people but, after reading what he said about Zach and Nicole (She’s not even in the house anymore) I see what everyone is so upset with him about. I’m just hoping that after this game ends and he goes home, watches himself back on TV and the internet, he’ll realize what an asshole he made himself look like and feel genuinely guilty about it. Hopefully, maybe even release an apology to both Zach and Nicole. Although, that apology (even if genuine) won’t do any good because what he said, it was just way too hurtful and despicable. He did take it too far for this game. No one’s going to believe his apology (If he releases one) because everyone has lost their trust in him. It would be an impossible miracle if anyone would forgive him. 

I liked Frankie when this whole thing started but, ever since the death of his grandfather, he’s been on a HUGE downward spiral. This time, he cannot get out of it. He’s doomed. Sorry Frankie. I still love your hair though. :p I wouldn’t mind having that style for myself. lol! :p